Jessica Hunter

Here you will find my musings, inspiration, poetry, prose and artful thought. Oh and my flower arrangements. "More than anything, I must have flowers always, always." - Claude Monet

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My purple bean harvest! Looks like these are going on the BBQ tonight :)
Thank you for the cotton candy sky goodbye Ennis Bay. Photo cred @fromhomestead.
It’s the last day at the cottage and I’m spending it out on the dock no matter how windy it is. Maybe I’ll even be brave enough for a dip.
My lover has become like a beach.
Cottage breakfast.
Time with my little bean of a nephew out on the boat today. This was such a sweet moment:)
Cottage life.
The view from the cottage. Everything about it here is heaven. The air, the moss, the trees, the water, the sand, the rocks - the everything!
Thanks @vikpiccreative for capturing such a lovely evening. I wish I was eating on @speckandstone stoneware every night. I swear the prettiness makes your food taste better.
Reminiscing with my sister about our road trip this summer. I really enjoyed this day :) Thanks for capturing the moment @melissamichelle77